condescending with a brash, intimate voice to him, the sexiest woman alive
licked the sides of her cheek in a truly shameful manner that discountenanced everyone…
what did he feel?
like a snake wrapped around another snake?
like falling?
stricken by this exciting idea, the youth began to speak in rambling recitations. ..

he somehow engaged with the room purely ‘on a physical level’

i’m nervous about
a type of thought

do you share it with me?

when the body
acts supernatural
do you think of right and wrong, when you hear an alarm do you think of running back in to save a stricken heart that’s racing
trying to remember

a terrible land of flatness
standing pools
and personalities:

seduced by brutal shadows

‘de se terrible paysage…

la pendule…

”flight’ and wound in Hans Abendroth:
author of The Zero and The One
which was eagerly read by Jacques Lacan.

if something happens only once
it may as well have never happened
‘0’ plus ‘1’ =’2′
but humans put on truth ‘one leg at a time’, philosophers are ‘content to waltz and quadrille
over the depths where
tragedy is written,
because a century of improvements in shoe manufacture enabled them to forget
that, in history, there is no floor…’

even the decision to address dilemmas
is immoral
‘to some more or less pardonable extent’

Abendroth was concerned with the
mystical experience of survival,
with the damaged life
not the exceptional One that is beautiful and ‘true’

with its prostrate, sinister ‘Other’