the ecstasy of rolling
on ecstasy
brighton was sleepy and wailing
sara was worried about the come down and had saved weed. i was worried about everything falling apart.
we walked to a pub
talked to a man who was sitting there
i don’t think i was ‘rolling’
i was observing them.
i was tired of the endless party,
i just wanted to stop the use of a bong made out of a slinkie, coated with yellow windbag material

‘what are you doing philip ‘

why is philip ‘addicted’ to fear,

why is he sleepwalking to the orphanage of catholic nuns
wearing the clothes of his friend seldon?

with his stamp collection in tow?

answer: because of american life,
stupidity, etc.

when it is ‘impossible’ to forgive somebody,
wear a bow on your head to their kid’s party

take out your phone and share photos

it is an error
it is an error to maintain the privilege of nobody laughing at you
when you commit a logical error, and your crust explodes